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A small book with a big message!

«Geliebtes Zürich» is much more than just 20 stories & illustrations wich show you Zurich from another perspective. By being climate-neutral, compostable, produced in a small batch and following the cradle-to-crandle principle in a Swiss printing house, "Geliebtes Zürich" proves that creativity can also be delivered sustainably.


Whats special about my project

The book " Geliebtes Zürich " was created as a final thesis at the Gestalterische Berufsmaturität. 20 people have written down their heartwarming stories. The only three criteria that had to be met for the places:

1. public

2. no compulsive consumption

3. located in the city of Zurich

Through the three points, the book is timeless and independent of the ever-changing cityscape. For each story, an illustration was handdrawn by hand with a fine black pencil. Scanned and laid out in a golden cut layout, the prototype was conventionally printed as a mini edition of two pieces. The final issue, however, should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

What I need your support for

With your support, you are financing the production of a small batch of books at the Voegeli printing workshop in Langnau in the Emmental - the only Swiss printing company to follow the cradle-to-cradle principle Gold Standard. The principle mimics nature: materials are kept in an endless cycle to avoid wasting resources. The electricity for production comes from 100% green electricity and is reduced to the minimum. With water, a responsible approach is required and attention is paid to the sustainability in dealing with employees. In short: a holistic concept that puts the health of man* and nature in the foreground.

Support "Geliebtes Zürich" so it may serve as  food for thought in the living room of Switzerland as an example for a circular economy, which stands for sustainable recource usage and fair conditions.

Big THANK YOU to Tais, Florence, Giulia, Tiffany, Vania, Maeva, Susanne, Lara, Aviva, Bojan, Cle. Basti. Marc. Claudia, my Mom, Recha, Diana, Linda, Mirca & Catherine for the stories and Ian, Felix and Ivan for the great video!

PS: The crowdfunding of "Geliebtes Zürich" is part of the final thesis for the Eidgenössische Maturität für Erwachsene.

Head over to We make it! to support the project! 

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